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Virginia Carballo

Director and Owner

           Virginia Carballo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While attending school she worked as a translator and nanny.  She met her husband in Buenos Aires, fell madly in love and decided to move to the United States. She picked up her studies from the University of Buenos Aires and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Linguistics degree. Shortly after, she was recruited to work for Apple. However, after a year, she realized she needed a change of direction. She applied for a job at 10 Books A Home where she rekindled her passion for multilingualism, while discovering an interest in child development and education.

           Virginia has designed, run and operated her own family daycare program since 2017.  Virginia’s Home Daycare was conceived as a trilingual program (Mandarin, Spanish and English)  designed from a user’s perspective that catered to each child's personality, interests and needs, but after giving birth to her first daughter, she quickly realized it was necessary to increase the exposure of Spanish for her daughter to be able to develop and maintain a high proficiency in Spanish into her adulthood. That is when she switched her program to a 100% Spanish Immersion learning environment. 

           The main drive behind being a great educator, role model and caregiver has always been the desire to be a good mother. Virginia grew up with strong, hardworking and successful examples to look up to in her mother and grandmother who were both successful business women. Ultimately, the combination of hard work, determination and a genuine desire to be there for her children is what has enabled Virginia to consolidate her position as a lifelong learner eager to provide the best care for her family and every family in her care. 

          Virginia has now lived almost thirteen years in the Bay Area, has two children, a loving husband and a great support in her mother who moved in with them since 2021 when her second child arrived. 

           In 2020, she went back to school to further her education and continue her journey into Early Childhood Education. She earned a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Foothill College in 2022.  Additionally, she has been a certified Children's Music Teacher and a Children's Yoga Teacher since 2019.

            Virginias sees each child’s untapped potential and she sees herself. She can be a dancer, a musician, an athlete, a scientist, a mother, a yoga teacher, a comedian, a healer, a researcher, a chef. Children have allowed her to become all those things for them and for that she is forever indebted. She feels compelled to be the best role model she can be for them. 

           Virginia’s Home Daycare is dedicated to all the families and children who inspire her every day, her family specially.


Aida Ramos

All day Teacher and chef

            Aida Ramos or "Abu" is an incredible caregiver and there is a reason why most of the children talk about and call for her when they want to be comforted (even when they are at home with their parents), miss her and look forward to seeing her.  The reason is because she looks forward and gets excited about everything they do.  Abu genuinely loves children.  She is there to play and hear them out.  Abu studied to be an elementary teacher when she was in her thirties and was about to start medical school to become a pediatrician in the University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, when she found out she was pregnant with her first son.  Life took her on a different path, but Abu has always loved interacting with children. She felt she was given a second chance at what she had always wanted to do when she could work alongside us, taking care of the most precious things you have, your children.

             Additionally, she is in charge of making our amazing lunches and in March 2023 got her Montessori Certificate for 3 to 6 years old children from AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). 

Amando (1).jpg


Afternoon Teacher

           Our afternoon Teacher, Amando Osornio is from Guanajuato, Mexico.  Amando's sense of humor, calm demeanor and candid personality has lightened up our afternoons since his first day.

           He has Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and 10 years of experience teaching at the High School level.  He has taught language (reading, writing, Spanish literature and English as a second language), mathematics (pre-algebra, calculus and statistics), science (physics, chemistry and biology) and social studies (history, human geography, and economics-administrative subjects).

           His goals as an enthusiastic and caring teacher include both crafting inspiring hands-on lessons that stimulate a child's imagination, and fostering an atmosphere where every student can thrive, ensuring that everyone’s potential is recognized and nurtured. 

          Amando joined Virginia's Home Daycare's team at a time when he was eager to start a new phase of his education and professional growth.  He has since decided to go back to school and focus on Early Childhood Education and the importance of play.  

Linda G

Linda Gallo

Morning Teacher

                Our morning Master Teacher, Linda, is originally from Colombia where she has a large and beautiful family. Teacher Linda loves reading, going camping and hiking; she loves nature.  She moved with her husband and stepdaughter to the Bay Area a year ago. The three of them like to travel and learn about new cultures.

                 Linda has a bachelor's degree in arts from the Fine Arts Academy in Cali, Colombia and a Doctorate in Education from La Salle University in Costa Rica. She has been a teacher for more than 20 years. Many of those have been dedicated to creating experiences through the lens of art and play for the cognitive and emotional development of children.  She is an expert in teaching pedagogical methodologies that use art for teaching such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf and experiential learning. 


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