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Our Spanish immersion program

Our program's language skills goals



This program was designed to help your child be a proficient Spanish speaker and reader.  It will lay a strong foundation for your child to be able to transition to a Spanish immersion kindergarten or Elementary school.

All the activities are done in Spanish, including yoga and music lessons.  As a result, children pick up Spanish naturally as they would in any 100% Spanish speaking household. 


Taking in account that the US is a monolingual - English- speaking environment, families who do not speak English at home need to consider that your child will need further stimulation during the weekends in English for them to be proficient readers and speakers in the community language.   

Why would you want your child to be multilingual?

I can think of a lot of reasons you would want your child to be multilingual, but let me share one less obvious reason why you would opt in for a program like this.

Bilingual and multilingual children learn “early in life to successfully resolve language conflicts and to achieve this, they better develop brain structures related to the executive control” (Videsott et al. 885)  This means bilingual and multilingual’s brains are better equipped than monolingual’s to perform different tasks simultaneously.  The exercise of switching from language to language and everything this entails allows their brains to develop skills and thought processes that facilitate attainment of their goals.  For example, knowing what word order works in each language is already priming their brains for multitasking.


Videsott et al. “How does linguistic competence enhance cognitive functions in children? A study in multilingual children with different linguistic competences”. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition/ Volume 15/ Issue 04/ October 2012, pp 884- 895.

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