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Our teaching method


At Virginia’s Home Daycare teachers act more as facilitators and language providers than anything else.  We accompany children throughout the day exposing to them to rich and positive language while presenting them with different learning opportunities customized to their own interests.

Let’s say a child is playing with cars, then as teachers we are: describing what they are doing, describing what we are doing while we show them other ways we can interact with the cars, making connections between the cars and other subjects, presenting role play activities related to cars or maybe reading a book about cars while they play.  In other words, we try to provide language to as many different learning opportunities as possible.  The savvier the teachers are, the more connections they can draw and the more learning opportunities they can present to your child. Children get to choose what they want to play with and switch from activity to activity, while teachers surround them with positive and rich language to follow your child’s interests.

Currently, teachers follow by providing language and presenting learning opportunities on a daily basis about:

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Days of the week

  • Months of the year

  • Emotions

  • Seasons

  • Animals

  • Dinosaurs

  • Transportation

  • Nutrition

  • Human body

  • Personal hygiene

  • Food etiquette and silverware

  • Construction (huts, houses, building)

  • Household (appliances, rooms, furniture)

However, we are pushing the envelope a bit further.  In addition to the learning opportunities presented to your child according to her/his interest, we assign a weekly specific subject for our Arts&Crafts/Science/hands-on project of the day. The goal is to provide further learning opportunities which might or might not be part of the interests your child manifested, and all children get to do at least one activity together.  Simultaneously, we get to train our teachers to be savvier and better at making connections and providing language related to these specific subjects.

Curriculum for the year

  1. Emergency situation (disaster plan, earthquake plan – recurring every month)

  2. Emotions

  3. Senses

  4. Personal hygiene

  5. Geography ( World geography and local geography)

  6. Beverages

  7. Seasons

  8. The solar system

  9. Bugs

  10. Foods ( Cooking, recipes specially American, Chinese, African and Latin American)

  11. Family

  12. Organizing and cleaning your household

  13. Technology

  14. Food etiquette and silverware

  15. Water ( rivers, streams, canals, locks)

  16. Us Holidays

  17. National Parks

  18. Animals

  19. Outdoors (Camping, hiking, climbing)

  20. Sea life

  21. Household (appliances, rooms, furniture)

  22. Exercise/Sports ( types of physical activities)

  23. Art history and styles

  24. Music

  25. Human body

  26. Clothing

  27. Civics

  28. Books/literature (history, art, fiction, non-fiction, poems, classics)

  29. Women in Science

  30. Pets

  31. Plants/Botanic

  32. Wonders of the world

  33. Construction (huts, houses, building)

  34. Games ( cards, children games )

  35. Nutrition

  36. Energy (solar panels, nuclear, wind, hydro)

  37. Geology (Rocks)

  38. Dinosaurs

  39. Materials (Gold, Grass, Aluminum, wood)

  40. Electricity/magnetism (House electricity, magnets, power for appliances)

  41. Temperature

  42. Environmental Science (pollution, solutions, global warming)

  43. Physics ( laws of physics )

  44. Coding

  45. Chemistry

  46. Safety practices (do not touch plugs, hold your parents hand when crossing the street, fire extinguisher, fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors)

  47. Rural life

  48. City life

  49. Evolution

  50. Ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greek, Roman, Incas, Aztecs, Mayan, Mesopotamian, Chinese, Indus, Mesopotamian)

  51. Transportation (cars, trucks, SUVs, minivan)

  52. Aborigines

  53. Traveling (what to do on a bus, subway, plains, car, at the airport).

Note:  Some projects will be finished within the same day and others might expand over several days.  Also, this list is not in order.

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