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My family 

To  my beautiful family, who are  the love of my life.  Specially, my husband who donated many rooms of our house to support my dreams and projects and is always willing to spend endless hours talking about them. 

Cathleen Parker

Cathleen advised and supported this project since its conception.  She contributed in creating fun and practical spaces that are easy to navigate for children and adults alike. She is a successful childcare manager and consultant.    

Christina Girerd 

Christina was an amazing adviser who assisted creating an attractive and safe environment for the children.  She has a private practice and focuses on residential remodeling and 3D visualizations.

Angela Parker

Angela has trained new childcare owners while running her own business for over 30 years.  She was a very generous mentor who helped Virginia get ready for this new endeavour. Thank you Angela for sharing your experience, patience and passion.

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