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Virginia Carballo

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  While attending school I worked as a nanny and translator.  I met my husband, Scott, in 2010, fell madly in love and decided to move to the United States.  I picked up my studies from the University of Buenos Aires and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Linguistics degree.  Shortly after, I was recruited to work for Apple.  However, after a year I realized I needed a change of direction.  I applied for a job at 10 Books A Home where I rekindled my passion for childcare and multilingualism, while discovering an interest in child development and education.

Once I decided I wanted to create a dream home daycare designed from a user’s perspective that caters to each child's personality, interests and needs, I started working part-time to plan and execute my vision.  I consulted with childcare professionals and trained in a childcare setting to make sure I was ready to transition into this new chapter of my personal and professional life.

This place is dedicated to all the families and children who inspire me every day, my family specially.