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Virginia Carballo

        I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While attending school I worked as a nanny and translator.  I met my husband, Scott, in 2010, fell madly in love and decided to move to the United States. I picked up my studies from the University of Buenos Aires and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Linguistics degree. Shortly after, I was recruited to work for Apple. However, after a year I realized I needed a change of direction. I applied for a job at 10 Books A Home where I rekindled my passion for childcare and multilingualism, while discovering an interest in child development and education.

        Once I decided I wanted to create a dream home daycare designed from a user’s perspective that caters to each child's personality, interests and needs, I started working part-time to plan and execute my vision. I consulted with childcare professionals and trained in a childcare setting to make sure I was ready to transition into this new chapter of my personal and professional life. Virginia's Home Daycare opened in September 2017 at our first home in Redwood City.  

         A little over a year after opening the daycare, I became a mother for the first time. We received our second child two years after.  

        In 2020, I went back to school to further my education and continue my journey into Early Childhood Education. I earned a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from Foothill College in December of 2022.  Additionally, I have been a certified Children's Music Teacher and a Children's Yoga Teacher for the last five years. 

        I see each child’s untapped potential and I see myself. I can be a dancer, a musician, an athlete, a scientist, a mother, a yoga teacher, a comedian, a healer, a researcher, a chef. Children have allowed me to become all those things for them and for that I am forever indebted. I feel compelled to be the best role model I can be for them. This place is dedicated to all the families and children who inspire me every day, my family specially.

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