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Patient and Enthusiastic Mandarin Tutor? Apply today

Virginia’s Home Daycare is looking for Mandarin tutors that would be interested in the challenge of hanging out with a group of 5 infants and toddlers. The children are currently exposed to English, Spanish and baby sign language and our goal is to add Mandarin for a complete multilingual experience. I do not have children of my own yet, but I have designed this place thinking of a dream home daycare I would want my children to attend. If they could speak these three languages, they could travel the world.

The tutor position calls for extremely talkative and patient native speakers who would enjoy talking, describing what the children are doing and taking advantage of all the learning opportunities around them.


  • Talk continuously to children using rich, positive and encouraging language.

  • Communicate effectively with staff.


  • Language proficiency in English and Mandarin required.

  • Available Mondays through Friday in the morning, but the schedule can be flexible to fulfill both applicant’s and Virginia’s Daycare needs.

  • Some Early Childhood Education preferred.

  • Extremely patient, very energetic and enthusiastic.

Work Requirements

  • Ability to work in a moderate to loud environment.

  • TB test clearance.

  • MMR, Tdap and current influenza vaccines.


  • Flexible schedule

  • Competitive salary.

Application instructions

Please send your resume and cover letter at:

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